Blinkaspace turns doors into solutions and space into possibilities

You choose when to work and when to relax or travel.

Blinkaspace delivers, develops and maintains intuitive, smart and space saving locker systems, allowing people to move and live more freely. The beating heart of our system is our software. Intelligent, reliable and flexible. What does that mean for you?


By smartly configuring the application of the locker, lock and software, we can create a system that suits virtually any application. The possibilities are almost unlimited. We are also able to fully integrate our software with your own systems. With CRM software, planning software, access control systems, pupil tacking software, logistic, till systems, and more. That way, a locker solution from Blinkaspace automatically becomes an integrated part of your company's operations management system.


We know what does and doesn't work. We can in principle manage any lock, but by using our optimal basic locker, lock and software configuration, you're guaranteed a perfectly working system. Always, because we support all systems remotely. By using Blinkaspace's software, maintenance costs and failure costs are kept to a minimum. Smart measuring tools linked to clear, easy to use management software keep your lockers, locks and any contents (e.g. hire tools, laptops or PDAs) in perfect condition.


Everything changes. Blinkaspace thinks it's important that software and applications can adapt in line with changing requirements. This allows the functionality of, for instance, user registration, authentication of access systems, hiring of tools, delivery of parcels and products, to be combined in a modular system. We design a system that is the optimal fit for your business. Both now and in the future.


Always know where your valuable tools are. 

Sale And Rental

Unmanned expansion of sales location  

Rental Luggage Locker

Optimal luggage protection for travellers 

Mobile Application

Easy to use 

Pick Up & Drop Off

Pick up when it's convenient for you 

Digital Locking System

Smart access control 

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