Endless possibilities, easily realised

A locker system is more than just a lockable cupboard. Especially with software from Blinkaspace. Our intelligent, reliable and flexible software turns lockers into solutions and a locker space into endless possibilities.

Complex applications can be easily realised thanks to the modular architecture of our system. This allows our software to go much further than traditional locker management systems.

We have a wide range of optimised configurations available. Enabling you to achieve the perfect combination of locker, lock and software, either with or without the addition of modern measuring techniques. On top of that, the flexible software allows us to create or customise virtually any application. A Blinkaspace locker system is therefore the optimum fit within your business processes.

Business process integration

A locker system fully integrated into your own workflow.

Processo turns your locker system into a revenue model

The most versatile locker system

Information transfer is of vital importance. That's why every locker system comes standard equipped with Processo. Processo allows your locker system to be fully integrated with your own systems. Processo is a highly secure and intelligent hub between the locker system and your internal systems. Event-driven transfer of information and processes is easily and intuitively achieved thanks to Processo.

Examples of intelligent locker systems combined with Processo are:

  • Alerts for when a laptop or PDA needs servicing
  • Whether loan equipment has been returned on time
  • Whether a police officer has stored their weapon in his/her locker before signing out.

Smart technology

We are, of course, happy to work together with you to create smart solutions. That way, the end users receive the best possible service with the maximum result. The locker system will give you peace of mind.

Advantages for your end users

Examples of how the Blinkaspace intelligent, reliable and flexible locker systems can be used:

  • Joint and/or business use of laptops, PDAs, equipment, handheld devices and tools (see product release or equipment release)
  • Registration and control of access rights (see hotel key release)
  • Insight into the use and location of building access keys and car keys (see key management or key management housing associations)
  • Alerts for periodic maintenance or calibration of equipment (see product release)
  • Online reservation and payment of lockers in for example theatres, concert halls, exhibition centres, etc. (see flex locker system or luggage locker system)
  • Optimum use of limited space (see flex locker system or luggage locker system)
  • Vending solutions linked to digital payment systems for purchasing snacks, shopping, flowers, etc. (see vending locker systems)
  • Covering concierge services in apartment complexes (see concierge services)
  • Receipt and despatch or delivery and collection (see pharmacy locker system or parcel collection point)

Our applications can easily be extended with additional features, such as:

  • Access to locker system with mobile app, QR code, ICM scanner, finger print, iris scan, personnel pass and pin code via a console, for instance
  • Charging a smartphone in the locker
  • Automatic sending of notifications via email or text message
  • Drop-off and Pick-up on demand
  • Lenen, huren of kopen van artikelen
  • Koppeling met online kassasystemen