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For Blinkaspace, the end user's freedom is paramount. What are their needs? How can we give peace of mind to both the end user and the administrator? How can we help them get on with things as quickly as possible? How do we ensure that people can choose their own time and moment? These are crucial questions when you want to align results and service with the needs of your organisation. To achieve this, we have developed a range of smart products, with a large number of standard features and applications.

Locker systems built from first class materials

Proven quality, affordable and reliable in any setting

Standard solutions customised to meet your specific needs

Attractive, solid and affordable lockers, secure and reliable locks, optimal accessibility and preventive maintenance ensure that your locker system is readily available to the users at all times. Whatever questions you may have regarding the use, we will be happy to advise you on the best locker system for your needs. We are able to advise you on both the lockers and the most appropriate software modules.

Blinkaspace often creates solutions or features that have not been thought of before. That makes our software in combination with our locker systems so unique.


A wide range of sturdy and attractive lockers in different materials. Secure and user friendly locker systems for use in industrial, health care, transport, educational environment, etc...

Each locker can be individually programmed and used in any setting. The Blinkaspace software modules allow the system to be easily expanded for product release, vending machines and parcel pick-up and drop-off, for example.


We have the right lock for every application. Secure locking and opening so that possessions are stored safely. blinkaspace software has realised solutions that work with different brands of locks, including: Ubilock, M-Locks, Gantner and Salto.

Apart from our standard locks, we also provide locks that are suitable for use in different environmental conditions, such as fluctuating temperatures or high humidity levels.


User friendly and suitable for use with Android and iOS smartphones. An overview of all available lockers in the palm of your hand. Locking and unlocking at the touch of a button. Payment for hiring a locker is quick and easy using iDeal. A secure and extremely useful addition from our software.

Management software

The beating heart of our software allows you to have complete control. The many functions that automatically run in the background, are developed to make your life easier. Maximum results with minimum effort.

The Blinkaspace management software is modular, AVG Proof and PCI compliant. The software is regularly tested by cyber security centres via so called vulnerability scans and assessments. Administrators as well as users will experience time savings thanks to the easy to use, intuitive system.

The system can be managed via a desktop application, a web-based application or via the touchscreen in the locker app. You will be able to block, lock and unlock lockers, change user rights, plan cleaning times, generate reports, manage assets and parcels.


The power of Processo is the intelligent and intuitive design of completely automated background processes within your organisation. The software allows the locker management system to be fully integrated into your business processes.

Processo ensures the automatic sending of messages, exchange of information, automatic monitoring and management of the system.

SaaS, On-premise or Stand-alone

Software in the cloud. Our SaaS solution guarantees a safe environment for the software and ensures your software is always up-to-date. If the locker system and its use require a stand-alone or on-premise solution, then we will, in close collaboration with your IT department, install our software on your server.

We are of course happy to advise you on the most suitable installation and the accompanying maintenance options.

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