The most versatile locker system

Blinkaspace offers high quality locker systems for virtually any industry. Our products have been optimised for a wide range of applications. Flexibility is key! The modular implementation of functionalities ensures that every product perfectly aligns with your business processes.

Flex locker system

Space saving storage of personal items of your employees, guests and students within your organisation and public areas.

Luggage locker system

Waiting around at the airport, visiting a city, theatre, amusement park or museum free from heavy bags and suitcases.

Parcel collection point

Relieve your reception, post room or concierge. Irrespective of the location, both internal and external receiving and sending of parcels, orders, documents and shopping.

Vending locker system

24/7 unmanned lending, hiring and selling of IT assets, safety equipment, flowers or groceries, with a link to your webshop, if required.

Product release

Optimal use of and awareness of the location of your valuable business assets such as PDA's, handhelds, scanners, measuring tools, commercially sensitive documents, car keys or laptops. Automatic alerts of maintenance and/or calibration due dates. This module ensures business continuity.

Pharmacy locker system

24/7 100% error free placement of medication by pharmacy staff and collection by the customer. With links to various Pharmacy Information Systems. Fully automated with a clear audit trail of the prescription.

Hotel key release

Out of hours check-in and room key collection. Quick check-in without having to wait in line at the front desk.

General key management

Effortless management of keys to your business premises, keys to courtesy cars and keys to fleet or pool vehicles. Track & Trace ensures you know the location of the keys at all times.

Key management housing associations

Effortless management of keys to business premises and rental properties. Complete visibility into who has possession of the keys at all times.

Concierge service

Make your apartment complex even more attractive for current and future residents. Expand concierge services with fully automated and hygienic exchange of parcels, services and shopping without any physical contact with the delivery people.

Equipment release

Lending, renting or purchasing medical equipment after a visit to A&E or discharge from hospital.

Unmanned cloakroom

Quick and easy deposit or collection of your coat with the unmanned cloakroom service for museums, events, theatres, and more. A much safer and secure way of storing your visitors' personal items.

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