Ultimate freedom through optimum use of space

About Ultimate freedom through optimum use of space

We believe that freedom is extremely important. To be able to move about freely, for instance. To travel light, as they say. Freedom can be light or effortless. But freedom is not without obligation. A promise we make, is a promise we keep. Freedom therefore also means reliability and responsibility.

When we are developing, we want the final product to work seamlessly and that it can be added to, expanded or updated easily. Without sacrificing reliability. Our care and attention to detail underpinned by specialist knowledge of software and the right channels to locker suppliers enables us to offer highly distinctive locker systems.

Our locker systems have come about by carefully listening to questions from a range of different industries (aviation, leisure, transport and logistics, industry, hotels, healthcare, offices, etc). Our unique software package Processo enables optimum integration into your own business processes and systems.

Blinkaspace turns doors into solutions and space into possibilities

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